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Qingdao Zhonghe Offers You With Types Of Lifting And Lashing Equipment
Qingdao Zhonghe Industries is the leading manufacturer of premium quality lifting hardware, lashing and mooring fittings, construction lifting part. We bring valuable lifting and lashing productions to our customers.
Lashing System
Lashing System
Safety can never be compromised: ln each step of the manufacturing of the lashing chain, our systematic quality monitoring will ensure the highest safety and the longest life span in the rigging chain.
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Forged Rigging Hardware
Forged Rigging Hardware
Our rigging hardware is made from special quenched and tempered alloy steel, a guarantee for very high strength, low weight, high wear resistance, and long life.
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Forged Construction Anchor
Forged Construction Anchor
All ZH lifting pin anchors are manufactured using high-strength steel with forged ends. The head design provides uniform engagement with the lifting eye, and the large forged anchor foot is embedded in the concrete to create the lifting capacity.
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Forged Agriculture Machinery Parts
Forged Agriculture Machinery Parts
Our rigging hardware is made from special quenched and tempered alloy steel, a guarantee for very high strength, low weight, high wear resistance, and long life.
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Use Zhonghe Lifting And Lashing Equipment For Various Industries
Our lifting and lashing products are widely used in marine lashing and land transport lashing, industrial ifting,construction parts, coal machine parts, auto parts and other fields.
Automotive Car Lashing Automotive
Lifting and lashing equipment for automotive applications is designed to make it easier and safer to move and secure vehicles and vehicle parts during maintenance, repair, or transport.
Cargo Lashing Equipment Cargo Handling
Cargo Handling
The safety accidents of cargotransportation are frequent.The selection of neutralizationand lashing system accessories ensures the transportation andmarine lashing securing safety.
Construction Rigging Equipment Construction
Lifting and lashing equipment is essential for the construction industry to ensure the safe and efficient movement of heavy materials and equipment. The right equipment can make construction projects more efficient, safe, and cost-effective.
Marine Rigging Hardware Marine
We are an professional ro-ro lashing materials manufacturer with 200 employees which produce high quality forging products for aquaculture, cargo control, ship euqipment and lifting series.
Mining Rigging Mining
Our mining products chain connector meets the standard requirements of MT/T99-1997 "Flat LINK Ring FOR Mine RING Chain", in which the fatigue life greatly exceeds the standard, nearly 60,000 times.
Transportation Use Of Lifting Equipment Transportation
As a division of the ZH Group we are experts in working out solutions for standard and special applications for all load securing systems, lifting devices, lifting and lashing points and technical and logistic support by land, sea and air.
lndustrial Manufacturing Use Of Lifting Equipment lndustrial Manufacturing
lndustrial Manufacturing
The ZH Group is a global player, producing innovative lashing chain systems and components for a wide range of applications. Successful production and product development takes place in Qingdao.
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Find Out About Zhonghe

Qingdao Zhonghe Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. At present, the company's leading products include more than 100 varieties and specifications, such as Grade 80, products, mining forgings, lashing forging part, construction accessories, auto part and so on.

The lifting and rigging products produced by the company are widely used in lifting, hoisting, binding, mooring, construction accessories, auto part….

We adhere to better product quality, more perfect production management process, more high-quality after-sales service, more rigorous work style, better credibility to sincere service customers, actively solve problems for customers. The company has a pioneering and enterprising, respect science, understand technology management, good at developing the market, honest and trustworthy, customer requirements as their own responsibility, fully carry forward the team spirit of the staff, we emphasize the perfect combination of professional and service, truly let customers worry, save time, save effort.

About Zhonghe
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Research and Development Capability

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to thescientific outlook on development, technology research anddevelopment and personnel training as the company'sdevelopment goals.

The company has set up a special technology research anddevelopment department, relying on the technical support of Qingdao WAC headquarters, has a rich experience, innovationability of the technology research and development team.

The company attaches great importance to the research anddevelopment of new products or new processes, and has a verylarge investment in research and development every year, and hasobtained excellent results, so that the products are sold to Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and other places.

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