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Lashing System

Lashing System

Lashing systems refer to the methods and equipment used to secure cargo on ships, trucks, trains, or other modes of transportation. They are designed to prevent damage to the cargo and ensure the safety of the people handling it. The lashing system typically includes lashing equipment such as ropes, chains, ratchets, turnbuckles, and other hardware, as well as methods for tying down the cargo and tightening the lashings. The specific lashing system used will depend on the type of cargo being transported and the conditions of the transport.

Specializing in international lashing systems, Zhonghe is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional lashing equipment based in China. We produce high-quality and safety-certified lashing equipment, both marine lashing equipment and transport lashing equipment, including lashing chain tensioners, metal C hooks, D rings, lashing trailer horse, container lashing gear and more. For any inquiries or specific requirements, feel free to contact us directly.

Lashing System Products for Sale

Marine Lashing

Zhonghe marine lashing equipment includes a range of products such as lashing chain tensioner, C hooks, D rings, lashing trailer horse, among others. The products are designed to meet the demands of marine transportation and provide reliable and secure lashing solutions for a variety of cargo types and voyage conditions.
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Transport Lashing

Zhonghe Transport Lashing Equipment refers to a line of lashing gear for use in securing cargo during transport. This equipment is designed to meet the demands of road, rail, and other modes of transportation, and includes products such as lashing chains and types of load binders.
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What Equipment Do You Need For Lashing?

Essential Equipment

The equipment needed for lashing depends on the type of cargo being transported and the conditions of the journey. However, some common pieces of equipment used for lashing include lashing straps or chains, load binders or ratchets and tensioners, turnbuckles, lashing eyes or D-rings, and so on.


It is important to choose equipment that is appropriate for the cargo and the journey, and to ensure that it is used correctly to prevent damage to the cargo and ensure the safety of the crew and other personnel.


Regulations regarding lashing equipment may vary depending on the mode of transportation and the country or region, so it is important to follow any relevant regulations and guidelines.

Zhonghe Lashing Equipment Application

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