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Use Of Shackles For Lifting

Shackles are commonly used in lifting applications to secure and connect different parts of a rigging system. When using hook-and-loop lifting, it is important to follow appropriate safety guidelines to ensure the safety of workers and prevent equipment damage.

The following are some general guidelines for lifting with shackles:

Select The Correct Shackle Type For The Job

Hook rings come in many sizes, materials, and designs, each with a specific rated load and characteristics. Make sure that the shackle you choose is suitable for the load you are lifting and for the application.

Check The Shackle Before Use

Before using the shackle, check it for signs of wear, damage, or deformation. Check the pin and body for cracks, corrosion or bending. If the shackle is damaged, it should be stopped and replaced.

Connect The Shackle With The Correct Technology

When connecting the shackle, make sure that the pin is properly seated and fully tightened. Do not tighten the pin too tightly, and do not use tools to extend the handle of the shackle. Avoid loading the shackle from the side, which will weaken the shackle and lead to its failure.

Use Appropriate Rigging Techniques

When lifting with shackles, ensure that the load is evenly distributed and the angle is correct. Avoid sudden movement or collision, which will bring excessive pressure to the shackle.

Use Suitable Lifting Equipment

Ensure that lifting equipment, such as chains, slings or cranes, is correctly rated for lifting load and is in good working condition. Use appropriate safety equipment, such as gloves or safety glasses, to protect workers during lifting operations.

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