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What Are The Different Types Of Lashing Systems?

There are several different types of lashing systems used to secure goods during transportation:

Rope lashing-this involves binding goods with ropes, usually using knots or tensioners to keep the ropes tight.

Chain lashing-chains are a popular choice for fixing heavy goods because they have high tensile strength and can be easily adjusted to suit the transported goods.

Ribbon lashing-made of durable polyester or nylon material, ribbon binding is usually used to fix light goods, such as machines or vehicles.

Steel lashing-Steel banding is a solid and reliable banding system, which is often used to fix large or heavy items, such as machinery or construction equipment.

Ratchet belts lashing-This is a popular choice for fixing goods on trucks or trailers because they are easy to use and can be quickly adjusted to suit the size and weight of goods.

Inflatable bags-these inflatable bags are used to fill the gaps between goods and prevent them from moving during transportation. They can be made of paper, plastic or textile materials, and are usually used to fix smaller or irregularly shaped goods.

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