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Automotive Car Lashing

Lifting and lashing equipment is commonly used in automotive applications to move and secure heavy components and vehicles. Here are some examples of how lifting and lashing equipment is used in the automotive industry:

Engine and transmission lifting: 

Engines and transmissions are often lifted out of vehicles during repairs or when swapping out components. Lifting equipment such as chain hoists, engine cranes, and jacks are used to safely and securely remove these heavy components.

Vehicle transport: 

When transporting vehicles, it's important to ensure that they are securely lashed to the transport truck or trailer. Ratchet straps, chains, and winch straps are used to lash vehicles to the transport vehicle, preventing movement or damage during transport.

Suspension work: 

When working on a vehicle's suspension, it's often necessary to lift the vehicle off the ground. Hydraulic jacks and lift equipment are used to raise the vehicle, allowing for easy access to the suspension components. This also allows workers to access the underside of the vehicle and apply paint or perform repairs. These lifting tools can be portable or fixed in place and are designed to safely support the weight of the vehicle during service.

Lifting and lashing equipment is an essential part of automotive repair and maintenance, allowing for safe and efficient handling of heavy components and vehicles.

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