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Rigging Shackles

Rigging Shackles

Zhonghe's rigging shackles surpass all other shackles in quality. Forged at high temperatures, including the markings, our different types of rigging shackles remain free from surface damage caused by hand stamping and avoid weaknesses common in shackles made from steel bar. Zhonghe spares no expense in the meticulous design and manufacturing of these essential rigging components.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, Zhonghe provides different types of lifting shackles. Click the links below and get more detailed info. Or contact us directly!

Different Types of Rigging Shackles

What Are Rigging Shackles?

Rigging shackles are essential components used in various rigging and lifting applications. Lifting shackles are used to lift, secure and rig heavy loads, where they act as the final link in a connection chain or sling setup. Shackles are advantageous if wanting to make a robust physical connection between the load-lifting device (typically a hoist hook or sling) and the payload that needs to be moved or supported.

They are sturdy, U-shaped metal connectors typically made of steel, designed to securely connect and anchor rigging equipment, such as ropes, chains, or cables, to lifting devices or loads. They are typically made of high-strength steel and come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different load capacities and application requirements.

What Are Rigging Shackles?

What Are The Different Types Of Lifting Shackles?

Bow shackles: These have a bow-shaped body and a screw pin closure.

Dee shackles: These have a "D" shaped body and a screw pin or bolt-type closure.

Twist shackles: These have a twisted body and a screw pin closure.

Wide body shackles: These have a wider body than standard shackles, which allows them to accommodate larger loads.

Safety shackles: These have a locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening.

What Are The Different Types Of Lifting Shackles?
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