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G80 Clevis Elephant Foot
lifting sling hooks
lifting sling hooks

G80 Clevis Elephant Foot

The G80 Clevis Elephant Foot is a type of lifting accessory commonly used in industrial and construction settings. It is designed to be used with grade 80 chain and is made from forged alloy steel, which provides a high strength-to-weight ratio.

The "Clevis" part of the name refers to the shape of the attachment point, which is a U-shaped connector that allows the Elephant Foot to be connected to other lifting equipment or to the load being lifted. The "Elephant Foot" part of the name refers to the shape of the bottom part of the device, which is wider and flatter than the top part, resembling the foot of an elephant.

Specifications of G80 Clevis Elephant Foot

Rigging Hooks And Attachments

Material:Forged Alloy Steel
Superalloys teeQuenched and tempered
Individually proof test2.5 times working load limit
Breakage test and fatigue test100%magna flux crack detection
Surface finishPowder coated
Color codeRed RAL 3020/Yellow RAL 1003
SuitableEN818-2 G80 Chain

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