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Notched Harrow Disc
fluted disc blades
fluted disc blades

Notched Harrow Disc

The notched harrow disc is made of durable materials, which allows it to withstand the stresses of repeated use in demanding field conditions. The notches or serrated edges on the disc help to reduce the amount of soil and plant material that is dragged along with the disc, resulting in a more efficient and effective soil preparation process.

Benefits Of Using Notched Harrow Discs For Soil Preparation

  • Breaking up compacted soil for improved drainage and aeration

  • Chopping up plant residue for faster decomposition and nutrient release

  • Reducing the amount of soil that is moved during the harrowing process (which can help to preserve topsoil and minimize erosion)

  • Preparing a seedbed that is more receptive to planting and seed germination.

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