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Marine Lashing Chain Tensioner
lashing chain tensioner
lashing chain tensioner

Marine Lashing Chain Tensioner

The tensioner is usually made of steel and has a ratchet mechanism that allows the user to adjust the tension in the lashing chain. It typically consists of a handle, a ratchet wheel, a pawl, and a hook that attaches to the lashing chain.

To use a marine lashing chain tensioner, the hook is attached to one end of the lashing chain, and the other end is secured to the container. The tensioner is then placed over the chain, and the handle is used to tighten the chain by turning the ratchet wheel. The pawl engages the ratchet wheel to prevent the chain from slipping back. The tension can be adjusted as needed by releasing the pawl and turning the ratchet wheel in the opposite direction.

Specifications of Marine Lashing Chain Tensioner

MaterialForge steelForge steelForge steel
Breaking Load Tension20Tons15Tons10Tons
Working Load Tension5Tons3.75Tons2.5Tons
Loose FixedLoose container lashing materialLoose container lashing materialLoose container lashing material
RemarksCustomized coloursCustomized coloursCustomized colours
CategoryLashing Chain Tensioner, and Tension LeversLashing Chain Tensioner, and Tension LeversLashing Chain Tensioner, and Tension Levers

What are the benefits of using a marine lashing chain tensioner?

  • Increased efficiency: The tensioner allows for quick and easy tensioning of the lashing chains, which saves time and labor.

  • Improved safety: Properly tensioned lashing chains are essential for securing cargo and preventing accidents.

  • Reduced wear and tear: A tensioner helps to distribute the load evenly across the lashing chain, which reduces the likelihood of damage.

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