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Mooring Shackle & Mooring Plate
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mooring snap shackle
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Mooring Shackle & Mooring Plate

Mooring Plate: Alloy grade is used to create Zhonghe Mooring Connecting Plate, which is then properly heated treated. To accommodate the harsh sea conditions, we also provide ZINGA or HDG surface. The manufacturing procedure adheres to NS 9415:2009. Zhonghe also provides a tailored to your specifications.

Mooring Shackle: The quenched and tempered alloy steel used to create the Zhonghe mooring shackle. Each and every Mooring Shackle has been manufactured and tested under our ISO 9001 system. Last but not least, protect their safety while servicing the fish farm. Produce in conformity with NYTEK and NS9415.

Specifications of Mooring Shackle & Mooring Plate

Product nameBLACLHH2ØØ1Ø2M
Mooring Shackle 40T40T3668103.5529625225022
Mooring Shackle 60T60T40891226412028286528
Mooring Shackle 90T90T491071458214632327232
Mooring Shackle 150T150T74152192126226505010550

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