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Cranked Loader Tines
tractor loader tines
tractor loader tines

Cranked Loader Tines

Cranked loader tines, also known as bent loader tines, are a type of loader attachment used for scooping and lifting materials. They are similar to curved loader tines in that they have an angled shape, but the angle is more pronounced, with a sharper bend at the top of the tine. The cranked shape of the tines allows for greater reach and better control when lifting materials, making them ideal for tasks that require precise movement and placement. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Cranked Loader Tines?

Cranked loader tines have a unique shape that allows for better material retention and easier leveling of surfaces, especially when working with loose materials such as gravel or sand. The angled design also helps to prevent spills and provides better stability for the loader.

How Long Do Cranked Loader Tines Last?

The lifespan of cranked loader tines will depend on several factors, including the quality of the tines, the frequency of use, and the type of materials they handle. With proper maintenance and care, high-quality cranked loader tines can last for many years.

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