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Cranked Silage Tines
tractor loader tines
tractor loader tines

Cranked Silage Tines

Cranked silage tines are a specific type of cranked loader tine that is designed for use in the agricultural industry. They are used for handling silage, which is a type of forage made from green foliage crops that are chopped and stored in a silo for feeding to livestock. Cranked silage tines are characterized by their sharp, angled shape, which allows them to penetrate and lift the silage with ease. They typically have a longer length than other types of loader tines, which allows for greater reach when loading and unloading silage. They are often used in conjunction with a silage grab or bucket for efficient handling of the material.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Cranked Silage Tines?

Cranked silage tines have a unique shape that allows for better material retention and easier handling of loose and bulky materials such as hay and silage. The angled design also helps to prevent spills and provides better stability for the loader.

Can Cranked Silage Tines Be Used For Other Tasks?

While cranked silage tines are primarily used for handling agricultural materials, they can also be used for other tasks such as moving brush and debris.

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