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Marine D Ring
d rings for sale
d rings for sale

Marine D Ring

Marine D Rings are a versatile and essential piece of hardware for securing and attaching equipment on marine vessels, and are designed to provide a secure and reliable attachment point for various marine applications. Marine D Rings are commonly used for a variety of applications on boats and other vessels. They can be used for securing ropes and lines, attaching fenders or buoys, anchoring equipment, and for other general marine applications. They can also be used for securing equipment during transportation, such as securing gear or equipment on a trailer.

Specifications of Marine D Ring

DimensionsMBL 20Tons D-ring with strapMBL 36Tons D-ring with strapMBL 50Tons D-ring with strap
MaterialDrop Forge steelDrop Forge steelDrop Forge steel
Breaking Load Tension20Tons36Tons50Tons
Working Load Tension5Tons10Tons13Tons
FinishPainted,self colorPainted,self colorPainted,self color
Loose FixedFixed container lashing materialFixed container lashing materialFixed container lashing material
RemarksTo be welded on shipping deckTo be welded on shipping deckTo be welded on shipping deck
CategoryContainer lashing securingContainer lashing securingContainer lashing securing

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